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Rice is a variety of rice which is mainly used in the preparation of biryani, fried rice and other rice cuisine items. This rice is used for preparing various types of dishes like biryani, fried rice and many other food recipes. This is very effective and economical too.
Edible Oils & Fats are widely used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps in maintaining the health in batter way. These oils and fats are made from the seeds of palm, soybean, sunflower, and so on. They are very effective as well as economical and safe to use.
Health Mix Powder is mainly designed for kids to provide them proper dose of protein for their body to grow perfectly. This is made under strict hygiene conditions, so it is best for your kids. This provides multiple of proteins, fibers, and minerals to their bodies and is easily digestible too.
Jaggery Products are 100% organic and free from any type od pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. They have a sweet taste, and has more healthy benefits as compared to sugar. These products are rich source of minerals, vitamins, iron, calcium, and other nutrients too. They are best medicine for curing anaemia.
Curcumin Capsule is yellow in colour and also comprises of chemical known as curcumin. This capsule is widely used for providing a unique colour to you dishes. This capsule is best for removing pain and inflammation, hence used for curing osteoarthritis.
Turmeric Powder is made by grinding the fine quality of turmeric sticks. This powder has a yellow colour which is mostly used to add a beautiful yellowish colour to your dishes. This powder is also used for making cosmetics as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
Wheat Vermicelli
Wheat Vermicelli offered by us, has less calorie, fat free, low sodium and cholesterol free too. This vermicelli is mainly used by people for losing their weight. This is a good source of proteins and are made by adding different vegetables to give a delicious taste.
Noodles refer to a Chinese food item which is manufactured by our company and provided in a healthier form. No harmful chemicals and ingredients are used in the preparation of these products. They are safe and hygienic to use. They are available at cheaper prices too.
Indian Sugar is white in color and completely safe to use. It's a common sweetener in a wide range of confectioneries, sweet meals, and bakery goods. This sugar is efficient as well as effective. This is available in bulk quantities at nominal prices.
Idli Podi has a unique flavor and taste. It is a good addition to serve with idli topped with sesame oil or hot ghee. This powder is widely made and used in the southern part of India. This powder is very effective as well as economical too.
A Grade Fresh Pomegranate includes a variety of nutrients as well as strong plant chemicals. They're used to treat a variety of disorders, including cancer, heart disease, and other inflammatory conditions. They are sent in a timely and secure manner. They are available fresh, are one of the healthiest fruits to ingest.
Non Basmati Rice
Non-Basmati Rice is wonderful long-grain rice that works well in a variety of meals. This rice is extremely cost-effective, and our famous customers can easily obtain large quantities of it at a low price. This rice is used to make a variety of dishes and sweets too.

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